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Choice Modeling – What Drives Important Human Decisions?


Behavioral economics helps companies understand and put data behind critical business questions including price elasticity, purchase drivers, willingness-to-pay and new feature preference. Predictive analytics and market research have come together with a power survey methodology called conjoint analysis. With some clever experimental design and knowledge of choice modeling, researchers can answer critical questions about decision psychology. Applications span business, political, educational and many other realms were humans need to make trade-offs.

Jeff Parker

Data Scientist and Advanced Researcher, Qualtrics

Jeff Parker labored for a few years in consulting helping companies of all sizes solve difficult problems using data science and market research. He followed this experience with a masters degree in analytics from Northwestern University. Now at Qualtrics, he assists 100’s of the worlds most notable brands design, implement and analyze advanced research studies, especially conjoint analysis, using Qualtrics’ leading survey technology.



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