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Data Science in the Insurance Industry


In this track, Perry Beaumont, Ph.D. (Head of Data Science & Actuary for Distinguished Programs, and Lecturer at Columbia University) will present particular ways that advanced data science applications are being used today to gain unique insights in insurance, with a particular focus on Property & Casualty. The discussion will include reference to geospatial analytics, cognitive AI, and future opportunities. Perry’s presentation will be provided in a case study format, with references to particular industry applications.

Perry Beaumont
Head of Data Science & Actuary for Distinguished Programs, and Lecturer at Columbia University

Perry serves as Head of Data & Actuarial Science at The Distinguished Programs Group, a national insurance program manager with specific expertise in Real Estate, Community Associations, Cultural Institutions and Hospitality & Restaurants. Perry is responsible for a variety of risk mitigation and revenue enhancement initiatives, and evaluating new opportunities. Perry has an extensive background in the insurance domain, especially as relates to developing and growing various lines of business. He has served as an executive with responsibility for managing teams that have consistently exceeded performance targets. Perry also enjoys sharing his expertise, and is a Lecturer at Columbia University. He has written highly regarded books on business topics, and is the author of a U.S. patent, as well as an assortment of articles and blogs.



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