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Embarking the Data Crew for the (USS) Enterprise


For a successful and fruitful mission – whether that mission includes building data products or interstellar adventures – you’ll
need a team of subject matter experts. Throughout her talk, Gaelle, who is an adamant fan of Start Trek, compares her
experience of building and managing data teams to that of what she imagines Captain James T. Kirk faced with his crew
aboard the starship USS Enterprise. Like Captain Kirk, Gaelle strongly believes that a mission is more likely to succeed if the
crew behind it is made of experts in specific fields rather than made of hybrid profiles that are good at what they do but lack
specific domain expertise. In her talk, Gaelle shares her own experiences – both the success and the failures – of how to build
and orchestrate a transverse data crew to insure the successful mission of delivering scalable and efficient data products
across the (USS) Enterprise.

Gaelle Periat
Data & BI Manager, Ubisoft

Gaëlle manages a team of data analysts, data scientists and data engineers whose role is to provide business intelligence to HQ & Studio, development, and implementation on a large scale. Gaelle started her career as a developer before discovering, while she was on the BI team at Voyages-SNCF, that she loved
working with and digging into data even more. When Gaelle joined IsCool Entertainment in 2011 as a digital analyst, she decided to spend 100 percent of her professional time on data. But it wasn’t until she became BI Manager at BlaBlaCar that Gaelle’s role started focusing not only on the data itself, but on the people and the teams that would make that data digestible to the organization as a whole.



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