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Keynote Overview

Whether to drive positive product development, creative collaboration, investor interest, or public education and buy-in, emotive storytelling is a critical component to furthering the world of the data science, machine learning, and AI. So why do so many companies fall short?  Meet digital anthropologist, AI artist, and award-winning filmmaker Taryn Southern, who has worked with a myriad of transformational tech brands to solve this problem for more than a decade. From releasing the first solo pop album composed with AI to directing an award-winning documentary on the future of neurotechnology, Taryn’s expertise lies in crafting provocative, human-centric stories that positively engage investors and audiences. So how can companies (and specifically, those deeply entrenched in data) recalibrate how they tell stories — both internally and externally — about technology? In this session, Taryn interweaves her personal experiences to share the challenges and key lessons she’s learned for crafting a resonant story, and why adopting an inspirational, human-centric lens is key to a company’s success.

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An artist, storyteller and digital personality with more than 750 million views across her online videos, Taryn Southern has had a longstanding fascination with internet culture & influence. A former YouTube personality & comedian, Taryn is passionate about the intersection of emerging technology, storytelling, and human potential. Over the past decade, she has architected digital campaigns for personalized genomics, egg freezing, AI, sleep, stem cells, and biotech companies and is passionate about ideas that enhance well-being into the mainstream.



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