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Test Driven Analytics: Sharing BT’s Best Practices


In data analytics, we can and should learn from test-driven development principles used in software engineering. Detlef Nauck, Chief Research Scientist for Data Science at BT, explains how they are looking at tools and ways of working that help data scientists create reproducible analytics in collaborative environments.

Data scientists are familiar with model testing and using principles like cross-validation when evaluating the performance of models. However, less focus is often spent on testing and validating data that is used for modeling or later in production for scoring. Assertions on data can help guiding the outcome of data wrangling processes and guaranteeing that only good quality data is fed into model building and scoring. In this presentation, Detlef reviews approaches to using assertions in data analytics and present BT’s best practices in data science.

Detlef Nauck
Chief Research Scientist, BT

Detlef Nauck is Chief Research Scientist for Data Science with BT’s Research and Innovation Division located at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK. He is leading a group of international scientists working on research into Data Science, Machine Learning and AI developing innovative solutions in intelligent analytics and autonomics. Detlef focuses on establishing best practices in Data Science for conducting analytics professionally and responsibly and using new ways of analysing data to achieve better insights. Detlef’s wider research looks into new ways of making machines more intelligent and enabling them to self-learn, self-optimise and self-configure using advanced AI and machine learning methods. The aim is to enable systems, processes and networks to reach a level of self-awareness that allows them to improve automatically and deliver better customer experience.

Detlef is a computer scientist by training and holds a PhD and a Postdoctoral Degree (Habilitation) in Machine Learning and Data Analytics. He is a Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University and a Private Docent at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany. He has published 3 books, over 120 papers, holds 9 patents and has 30 active patent applications.



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