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The Path to Self-Service Analytics: A Success Story


The Self-Service Data program at General Electric Aviation has truly enabled the democratization of data and empowered business users to transform and analyze data through the implementation of data cataloging, workflow and visualization tools to drive horizontal outcomes and build data products for the digital industrial company. The program started in late 2016 when the Self-Service Data team from GE Aviation’s Digital Technology group rolled out the Self-Service Data tools. The team partnered with other organizations within the business, such as: engineering, supply chain, sales and marketing, and others, to identify and execute on projects within each group’s domain. Initial training sessions, and open office hours provided by the Self-Service Data team, helped user adoption and provided a sense of ease for non-technical users to work in the shared eco-system of GE’s data lake. Digital Data Analyst, an intensive week-long course teaching digital tools, data science and process excellence, was introduced in 2018. The training program was met with instant success, with over 700 graduates from multiple areas across the business. With a community of over 1,400 Self-Service developers building digital products to make data-driven decisions, the program is front and center of the digital cultural transformation at General Electric Aviation.


Somesh Saxena
Product Owner, GE

Somesh Saxena is the Product Owner of Alation and Dataiku at General Electric Aviation. He manages a team of full-stack data engineers and helps lead the Self-Service Data program. Somesh is front and center of the digital cultural transformation at General Electric Aviation, training employees through the Digital Data Analyst training. He began his career with General Electric’s Digital Technology Leadership Program, where he led projects for the company’s customer portal, did full-stack web development in Cyber Security, and data ingestion, engineering and visualization in the data analytics space. Somesh is a Certified Scrum Product Owner from the Scrum Alliance. He holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati.



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