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How to Improve and Innovate Tax Collection by Municipalities


In this EGG AMS 2019 talk, The Department of Taxes of the City of Amsterdam shares how they partnered with Dataiku in order to be able to implement taxation and collection in a smarter data-driven way and to be able to improve both their services to the citizens of Amsterdam as the supervision on compliance.

Jan Geert Bakker
Director of Taxes City of Amsterdam & Chairman of the National Association of Local Taxes, Gemeente Amsterdam

Jan Geert Bakker is Director of the Department of Taxes of the City of Amsterdam and chairman of the National Association of Local Tax Authorities (LVLB). After starting his career as a detective at the FIOD, he has been Director in various positions in the public sector for 20 years. Jan Geert is committed to cooperation between his Department and other organizations in the country or in the city. He does this with this principle in mind: “There is nothing in society that is not related to taxes in any way.” Jan Geert is a lawyer, economist and master of Public Management.



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