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Dataiku is launching EGG On Air, a new series of live online and on-demand events, as we continue on our mission of informing, inspiring, and connecting people globally with the latest from AI influencers and thought leaders.

Livestream keynote presentations from leading AI experts

Watch live as AI influencers, tech experts, business leaders, and more share their vision on topics such as responsible AI and company transformation in the age of data.

Access exclusive on-demand content from industry leaders

Business leaders, industry experts, and global influencers go in-depth on the most important topics in Enterprise AI.

Enjoy the global EGG Conference back catalog and regular new content

Access to hundreds of keynotes, presentations, and sessions from details on data architecture and preparation to inspiring talks on organizational change.

Join a passionate global community

EGG On Air brings together the AI community with opportunities to collaborate with experts, thought leaders, and practitioners online, no matter what your location globally.