Nicole Alexander

Collection, Retention, & Usability: Inside the Digital Implications of Data

Episode Overview

Data has the power to both transform for good or cause damage or harm, and it’s imperative that individuals and organizations understand the legal and ethical implications of data and digital technology. In this Episode, Nicole Alexander, Professor of Marketing and Technology at NYU and former SVP, Chief Innovation Expert at Ipsos, unpacks these critical issues, along with explainable AI, cross-enterprise accountability, and, ultimately, the power of people to affect organizational change.

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Nicole M. Alexander is a Professor of marketing and technology for New York University (NYU) and analytics Lecturer at Columbia University.  She was most recently SVP, Chief Innovation Expert for Ipsos, helping companies develop their innovation from brand strategy to product/service development so that they can develop the "next big thing" faster.  She has 17 years across marketing innovation, strategy, and analytics including industry and academia.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from NYU and has a global EMBA from the TRIUM program across NYU Stern, HEC Paris, and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Nicole has been a speaker at a number of industry and nonprofit events on the topics of innovation and leadership, explainable AI, data privacy, and the social impact of technology.


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