Dataiku – Shaun McGirr, The Data Science Food Chain – The Fight for Survival


It’s a wild world out there and not all data scientists are made equally. Shaun McGirr, AI Evangelist at Dataiku and Co-Founder of Half Stack Data Science, identifies key players in the data science food chain, then walks through the threats to the ecosystem and alternative solutions when it comes to scaling data efforts. Where do you see yourself in the food chain? Watch this episode to find out and learn how you can survive.

Shaun McGirr
AI Evangelist at Dataiku and Co-Founder, Half Stack Data Science

Shaun McGirr is a data leader with experience across official statistics, academia, consulting, and now data science in a large automotive services company. He recently achieved minor stardom in a documentary Data Science Pioneers, coining the phrase “things that happen 35% of the time, happen ALL the time” to explain why quite likely outcomes are often dismissed out of hand. Shaun believes the toughest part of doing data well is finding the right questions and ensuring the answers will actually push a lever to change the world, a theme developed further in his podcast Half Stack Data Science, recently returned for Season 2 as part of EGG on Air.


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