Malakoff Humanis – Cédric Le Quiliec & Jean-Baptiste Girardin, Boosting operational efficiency thanks to Computer Vision


Through this episode, discover which Computer Vision techniques were used by the Malakoff-Humanis data team to optimize and operationalize the processing of customer documents.

English and Spanish CC subtitles available

Cédric Le Quiliec
Data Product Manager, Malakoff Humanis

After graduating as an engineer from the ENSAI University, Cédric Le Quilliec honed his data science expertise for six years in different organizations before joining non-profit group health insurer Malakoff Humanis in 2019 to work on data science and AI product management and machine learning engineering.

Jean-Baptiste Girardin
Data Science & IA Product Manager, Malakoff Humanis

Jean-Baptiste Girardin has an MBA from ESSEC University and nine years of experience across industries such as beauty, energy, and the public sector. In 2017, he joined non-profit group health insurer Malakoff Humanis where he works as a data science and AI product manager.


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