Ethics, Data Science, and Public Service Media


In this talk, Ben Fields, Lead Data Scientist at BBC News, looks at the contributions public service media organizations can play in the emerging understanding of the responsible and ethical practice of data science. He looks at some specific project examples: what works and where we can improve. By the end of the talk, the audience should have examples and principals they can apply in their own data science practice.

Ben Fields
Lead Data Scientist, BBC News

Ben Fields is the Lead Data Scientist at BBC News. He is an informaticist and occasional researcher focused on behavioural systems, especially recommendation and other user-facing systems. Ben is also interested in predictive modelling of song sequences for recommendation and discovery. Lately he has been exploring the intersection of physical consumption and the Web of Data. Food and drink is rife with questions that ‘big data’ approaches can answer, if only the data is there. Apart from the world of data science, Ben is known as a part-time DJ and an avid bike rider.


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