First Black Hole Captured


This year, the world saw its first images of a black hole, made possible through advances in data collection and collaboration. Geoff Crew, of the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration and MIT Haystack Observatory, was the software architect for the technology used to make this possible at the ALMA Observatory. Dr. Crew will share insights into various aspects of this accomplishment, including perspectives on international science collaboration and large data projects that are transforming our understanding of the skies and galaxy.

Dr. Geoff Crew
Research Scientist, MIT

Dr. Geoff Crew, a research scientist at MIT since 1983, has been working with the EHT since 2010 when he joined Haystack Observatory. Crew earned a PhD in Theoretical Plasma Physics from MIT in 1983 and an A.B. in physics and Mathematics from Dartmouth College in 1978. His research has covered a wide variety of topics in Space Physics and Astronomy and he was part of the team that solved the puzzle of gamma-ray bursts. He currently co-leads the EHT Correlation Working Group and has played a major role in the development and operation of VLBI at ALMA Observatory.


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