Supply Chain Disruption: From Business Problem to Value Extraction

Keynote Overview

In this talk, Arnold Liwanag, CTO of Ivado Labs, will discuss how the global health crisis has accelerated the adoption of AI and helped organizations drive efficiency by implementing enterprise-grade AI in production settings. Specifically, he will touch on use cases across the supply chain from Roche, Circle K, and the Port of Montreal to highlight how the businesses reacted and injected AI to enhance supply chain resiliency and catalyze AI adoption at scale.

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With 20+ years experience in technology and strategy consulting, Arnold Liwanag excels at combining strategy with a deep technical background to develop transformational business models based on a solid technical foundation, chart a course for growth in a highly disruptive and often volatile tech landscape, and design and lead successful tech-driven transformation programs. He is currently the CTO at one of Canada’s leading AI consulting firms focused on supply chain solutions, and formerly led the AI strategy and transformation practice at PwC Canada.



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