Art and Creativity In the Age of AI

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are changing everything around us. Are art and creativity immune from the perceived AI takeover? In this talk, Dr. Ahmed Elgammal will highlight the symbiotic relationship between AI and art. He will argue why investigating perceptual and cognitive tasks related to human creativity is essential to advancing AI and how AI is changing the way art is made.

Ahmed Elgammal
Director of the Art and Artificial Laboratory & Professor of Computer Science, Rutger University

Dr Ahmed Elgammal is the director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and a professor of computer science at Rutgers University. He is the founder and CEO of Artrendex, a startup that builds innovative AI technology for the art market. Dr. Elgammal’s research on knowledge discovery in art history and AI art generation, received wide international media attention, including reports on the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC News, the Daily Telegraph, Science News, New Scientist, and many others. In 2017, an Artsy editorial acclaimed AICAN as “the biggest artistic achievement of the year”. In 2016, a TV segment about his research, produced for PBS, won an Emmy award. AICAN art has been shown in several technology and art venues in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, San Francisco, and New York City.


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