From Silos to Self-Service: Data Transformation at GE Aviation


Despite the hype around AI in the media, very few businesses have managed to execute on incorporating the fundamental processes that enable these data insights at scale, much less automating them to enable AI services. In this talk, Jon Tudor, Sr. Manager of Data & Analytics Platforms at GE Aviation shares how they have empowered the organization – not just at a high-level, but down to the individual level – to use data for day-to-day processes.

Jon Tudor
Sr. Manager of Data & Analytics Platforms, GE Aviation

Jonathan Tudor is the Senior Manager of Self-Service Data Engineering and Analytics at General Electric Aviation. He has been at General Electric Aviation for 10 years, including 13 different roles spanning networking, project management, compliance, cloud automation, and data architecture, ingestion, engineering, and self-service.
Starting in data and analytics in 2014 at the inception of GE Aviation’s data lake, he founded the Self-Service Data Program in late 2016 with the implementation of Dataiku and Alation and has since established a team and continued to grow the program, including global training, a support network across all business divisions, and six innovative products that enable over 1,800 users to create their own data and analytics solutions.
Jon graduated with a BS in Business, majoring in Management Information Systems, from Miami University in 2012 with Magna Cum Laude and Honors and is also a 2014 graduate of the Digital Technology Leadership program at GE. He’s always happy to connect with others interested in digital transformation through data and analytics, so feel free to reach out on LinkedIn!


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