Online Conversion Modeling Combining CRM-Data and Online Behavior


DPG Media’s marketing team is shifting from traditional marketing channels (e-mail, direct mail) to using reach on our own news platforms for lead generation. However, not all visitors are ready for conversion yet. The customer intelligence team has build a model to distinguish which customers can be targeted with a sell message and which ones first need to become more engagement with our content.

Margot Rozendaal & Evalien IJsendijk
Manager Data & Customer Analytics; Data Scientist, DPG Media

After obtaining a PhD in psycholinguistics, Margot started to work as a data scientist. She currently manages the customer intelligence team within the marketing department of DPG Media. In addition, she is also in charge of the Data Competence Center that consists of a team of data engineers and software developers focusing on ingesting, transforming and maintaining the data in DPG Media’s data lake.

After obtaining a master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam,  Evalien worked as a programmer for a number of years. For the past five years, she has been working as a data scientist and focuses primarily on predictive modeling at DPG Media.


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