How to Make a Success of Data Science


In this talk, Jan Teichmann, Senior Data Scientist at Zoopla, introduces unique data science requirements and why they are important for the long game. He also introduces the Rendezvous Architecture, a proven solution to integrate data science and enterprise requirements in a harmonious way at scale.

Jan Teichmann
Senior Data Scientist, Zoopla

Jan is a successful leader in the data transformation efforts of companies and has a track record of bringing data science into commercial production usage at scale. He previously co-founded Cambridge Energy Data Lab where they celebrated a successful exit with, an utility comparison platform, which is now the market leader in Japan.

Jan is a highly skilled data scientist, data engineer and solution architect. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and offers a strong background in machine learning, statistical modeling and programming. He has extensive experience in big data, full stack development and interactive data visualizations which he uses to deliver engaging and comprehensive data science products which make an impact.

He use his skills now to lead the data science team at Zoopla. At Zoopla, the data science team is driving great innovations from vast amounts of property market data, behavioral data, geo data, property images and text data sets.


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