Ethical AI: Inclusivity as a Messy, but Promising Answer


AI technologists must consider the ethical implications of what we’re building. Larry Orimoloye explores AI within a broader discussion of the ethics of technology, arguing that inclusivity and collaboration is a necessary answer.

Larry Orimoloye
Solution Architect, Dataiku

Larry is interested in driving tangible business value by combining advanced analytics using structured and unstructured data across all industries. His focus is on helping clients deliver ROI utilizing a business-led, technology-enabled approach to analytics.
In particular Larry has helped clients establish centres of excellence with an analytics remit across the organization, designed and implemented customer-centric real-time decision platforms using a combination of statistics, big data and machine learning techniques. He enjoys bridging the gap between academic research and the industry.
He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics & Datamining from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He was awarded a prize of £500 for building the best predictive model by Kaggle.



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