Natural Language Processing: Challenges and Opportunities to Improve the Healthcare System

Keynote Overview

For many years, we have been praising AI and all its possible applications. The recent pandemic has, however, shown that despite the incredible advancements achieved in the last decade, we are still unable to fully exploit the potential of this technology for our advantage. Starting from this consideration, Enrico will describe recent research about how AI can be utilized to improve our healthcare system, increasing its efficiency and efficacy.

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Enrico Santus is a Senior Data Scientist at Bayer. His academic career includes a postdoc at MIT, in the group of Regina Barzilay, and numerous years spent between Asian (Hong Kong and Singapore) and European (Italy, UK and Germany) universities, working on topics such as NLP in Oncology, NLP in Cardiology and Palliative Care, Fake News Detection, Sentiment Analysis. Enrico has published over 100 papers, and several works were featured on mass media. He has been invited to talk at the White House and he is the first author of a fact sheet about AI for the American Congress.


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