Beyond Unicorns: Designing the Workforce of the Future

Keynote Overview

Across industries, digital innovations are changing the way we work, think, and even act. While the methods of computer science, AI, analytics and data science continue to advance at breakneck speed, the models for how we engage humans in the design of systems of insights remain provincial.In this talk, Greg will share how he is thinking about the workforce of the future — specifically, how might we design new roles that will either evolve (or be invented) to address how we conceive, create, and consume automated or semi-automated decisions.

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Greg Nelson is the AVP of Analytics Services at Intermountain Healthcare where he leads Analytics Product Management, Data Science, and Analytics Engineering and has responsibility for the long-term data and analytics strategy for the organization. Prior to joining Intermountain, Greg has served in executive leadership roles in healthcare, management consulting, and consumer research.


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